About us

St John's is part of the Church of England and occupies a central focal point for the St John's Quarter, a thriving area of the town, with local shops and popular schools. On a typical Sunday morning, we would usually expect to welcome a congregation of about four hundred, including approximately one hundred and sixty children under the age of fourteen across our two services. Our church family is made up from a broad spectrum of the local population and people of all walks of life and backgrounds are warmly welcomed.

Our evening service is lively and upbeat, but still centres around clear Bible teaching. Our congregation is usually about one hundred and includes members from our youth group, as well as many other regulars of all ages.

Contact us

Office tel: 01892 540897 (09.15 - 16.45 Mon-Fri)

St John's Church, Amherst Road, Tunbridge Wells  TN4 9LG