St John's Students

It will probably have crossed your mind that Tunbridge Wells does not have any Universities so why on earth do we need a student group.

Well, this group is for all those students who currently live far away in their university cities but spend a lot of time here in Tunbridge Wells over the holidays. This page is also for those who are heading to Uni and want some helpful pieces of advice.

Current Students...

You're back from Uni for a holiday. You're missing your Uni mates who help you love the Lord, you're missing your CU hall groups that help you speak for Jesus and you're missing your Uni Church that is bursting with young and eager Christians.

What do you do? Live in misery waiting for Uni to start again. NEVER! The family of God is for all of life, not just for your Uni days.

Here at St Johns your spiritual maturity is our number one priority so during the holidays we will have one off events and holiday Bible Studies to help you know Jesus better and make him better known.


So you're going to Uni, here are my (Adam Curtis) top three tips...

1. Be intentional.

Make decisions early.

Before you go to Uni make the decision to live for Jesus and think through the implications of that decision. It means you have a God to serve in your studies, so work hard. It means you have a God to worship with your body, so think through how you're going to act on a night out. It means you have a God who calls you to be part of a gospel community, so get committed to a Church quickly.

Be intentional and thrive at Uni!

2. Be honest

Be honest with yourself, your new found mates and with your God.

So be honest with yourself. Don't think that you can do this alone. Know yourself. Know that you need the word each morning to feed you. You need a Church to nurture you. You need Christian brothers and sisters to point you to Christ.

Be honest with your new found mates: don't wait for weeks to let people know you're a Christian. If Jesus is the most important person in your life, if he is the one you want to live your life for, then why would you not tell people about him. People find it weird if you're not honest about such a major part of your life. So be honest quickly with the people you meet that you know and love Jesus and you want other people to know him to. You will be amazed to see what will happen!

Be honest with your God. We were not made to be independent beings. We were made to have a relationship with God and to depend on him for everything. So not matter how you're finding Uni, if you're loving it or hating it. Be honest with God about it all. He cares for you. He is listening to you and he will never leave you.

3. Enjoy it

University is amazing so go on and enjoy it. You will never again have this much time. You will never again be able to join this many societies. You will never again have such an incredible opportunity to share your faith. University is bursting, overflowing, bubbling over with opportunities to speak for Jesus. You will meet International students who have never even heard about Jesus. You will befriend British students who have never even met an actual Christian. People are so open at Uni. They're open to reading the Bible, to coming along to Church, to talking deep into the night about the gospel. Enjoy this time and reap a mighty harvest for Christ!

Useful tools

Before heading off to Uni sign up now with your Christian Union. They will help you find a Church and they exist to live and speak for Jesus on campus. How amazing is that...

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